Jim Morrison with Kathy & Florentine at Village Recorders
Los Angeles 1970 (BW16)

When Jim asked his friends Kathy and Florentine to join him reading his poetry, neither of them displayed a bit of self-conscious reserve. The ladies were down from the control booth and into the studio in a flash. Jim asked them to read, in unison, the woman’s voice of a long narrative poem, while he would read the male part. That they were unrehearsed and unfamiliar with the material didn’t faze them. In the one and only trial Jim allowed, their voices blended and their timing was uncanny. But as soon as the tape rolled, chaos ensued. On the first take, they missed their cue. The tape started again and this time they read in angelic unison until the line: “All of us have found a safe niche...” Florentine is German and pronounced the word “nickt”. Kathy who is from Brooklyn pronounced it as if it rhymed with ‘rich’, but the flavor of her accent made the word even richer. The ladies stopped reading, looked at each other and broke into gales of laughter. Jim joined in; he seemed to enjoy his experiment immensely.