Jim Morrison, Los Angeles, 1971 (BW17)

Looking at this photograph reminds me of the time Jim and I happened upon the renowned Russian ballet star, Rudolf Nureyev. We debated if it would be cool to say hello; and then realized that this might be the only opportunity we’d ever have. It turned out that Mr. Nureyev was friendly and not bothered by two long hairs he didn’t know stopping him to say hello. He was not familiar with Jim’s name or music, and confessed general ignorance about the world of rock ‘n’ roll. Nureyev asked Jim if he was famous; Morrison admitted that in certain circles he was. “You have a big beard, like old time Russians” Nureyev observed. “It is a good way to hide, no?” Jim laughed and admitted that his beard was indeed a good disguise. “I can not grow a beard”, Nureyev said. “Imagine a ballet dancer with such a beard.”