Jim Morrison, Phoenix Arizona
March 1970 (CL07)

This is the only photo of Jim in a coat and tie that I’ve ever seen. I took it in a hotel room about an hour before he was to appear in court on a charge of interfering with the safe operation of a commercial airliner. Let’s break it down: our friends were producing a Rolling Stones concert in Phoenix and had put aside four tickets for Jim. When he got on the plane he was already half-looped and the hostess proceeded to serve him more drinks. Jim got playful and loud and made remarks to the hostess who later said he tried to trip her. I was sitting next to him and didn’t see it. The pilot came out of the cockpit and warned us to curb our behavior. Jim continued playing the fool and was arrested when the place touched down. He spent the night in jail and missed a great concert. He was an alcoholic and self-medicated freely. No one tried to stop him. He was young, it was the ‘60s, almost everything was allowed.